Chasing a Life's Dream

Some honest and unedited notes from my ‘scrapbook’, on work and life.

I want to join you or you join me, because..

  • Consultancy – I can feel knowledgable and rewarded but I don’t feel invested
  • Contracting – You had to hire me because you can’t manage your business, bad start
  • Evangelism – Nearly but no cigar, travel isn’t right for me at the moment
  • Partners – This is for me, but I want to work ‘with’ you and not ‘for’ you

We should be equally invested in the vision..

  • Products – We should focus and build something to continued success
  • Invested – Shares are nice but let’s be truly invested, even after 1 day it’s our company

Our health should is all of our responsibility..

  • We are what we eat – Lets encourage each other to eat well and nutritionally
  • Healthy Body Healthy Mind – Our business works best when we are fit & healthy
  • Hammock time – We should encourage ourselves to take breaks and balance life

Support each other whilst we do our best work..

  • Flexible working – Let us work when we can do our best work, and still love our families
  • Coffee Me Good – When we have access to good caffine (refreshments) we are fuelled
  • Free & Easy – We work best when we’re comfortable, sneakers & jeans, comfy chair, whatever!
  • Home or Away – Location isn’t important, apart from it being best for our work
  • Tools – Let us choose our own tools in which we practice our craft

In summary;

If you want us to do our best work together, to enjoy it and share our passion with each other, be innovative and create something amazing:


PS. Did you notice not once did I mention financial renumeration, I only just realised.