Simple.Web 0.10 Release

Massive thanks from Mark and I for the overwhelming support from contributors in this release. In case you missed it we also moved our TeamCity CI server to which boasts lots more power.

Support multiple query string values with the same key

Support for deserialization of multiple querystring values of the same key into an IEnumerable. We have some further optimisation work to do but glad to see it now supported. Thanks @tapmantwo for your pull-request!

Windsor IoC support (.NET only)

Castle Windsor IoC container now supported. We have unfortunately not yet been able to fill-in the missing blanks in Mono but it is available for .NET nonetheless. Thanks @mickdelaney!

Dispose() not called on Handler:IDisposable

Thanks to @jjvdangelo for spotting Dispose() wasn’t being called on Handler:IDisposable.

Fixed Cookie handling in Pipeline

Mark addressed some issues with cookie handling in the pipeline with his usual voodoo.

Media Type Handler Updates

Awesome work by @EddieGarmon on media-type handling introducing bespoke serialization (to/from wire format), also yielding significant performance gains for XML and JSON. For more details check out Eddies’ blog.