Do What You Love! Don't Settle.

“Do what you love! Don’t settle.”
— Steve Jobs, Stanford 2005 Commencement Address

Ian @ Crossroads

I always find it amusing when my mind evolves its thinking to a point of self-proclaimed wisdom only to then realise somebody in my life has been telling me just that all along.

In fact it’s often the case that the wisdom that people credit you with is far from original. Knowing and walking the path are indeed very different things. One such wonderful piece of wisdom came form my father when I first ventured into the world of commercial software development;

“If you can be a bin man and be happy, be a bin man.”

I always knew what my father meant, not that he would advocate settling for less than your true ambition and potential, that you must love what you do and if that happens to be emptying bins – so be it.

He repeated this several times over the years, largely because I was often unhappy in my career, ambition got in the way.

Ambition vs Challenge

I realised many years ago much of my career-related angst was caused by being caught up in a wave of career progression that superiors assumed would pass my celery test. It didn’t. I’d just quit and find another job challenge. What I really craved was an innovative environment that could supply me with a constant stream of mouth-watering development challenges.

Joining AHC in 2009 as Development Manager, a split role between development and management, was perfect. Spliting my time between architecture and training, whilst embracing the opportunity to demonstrate that management “done right” can support team growth, innovation, and cathedral building – whilst meeting business expectations, has been amazing.

It has however presented me with an wonderful dilemma, that with growth of our team do I concentrate on management and pursue the associated career path, or do I return fully to architecture and training? The decison has to take me to where I pass my celery test, to what I love doing most, and that’s writing great software.

Could you be our new Development Manager?

So we’re now looking for a new Development Manager, and boy you’re gonna have to be amazing! We love what we do and we won’t settle for anyone who doesn’t love it also. You are going to have to pass our celery test as well as your own. Let me tell you our team vision to whet your appetite;

Our Team Vision:–
Everything we do, we believe is focused on enabling health-care professionals to improve the life of patients. We believe that through passion and dedication the software we write brings true innovation to our industry.

The way we do this is by putting ourselves in the shoes of those for which the software provides, and the shoes of the individual whose quality of life depends on it.

We think beyond requirements to a truer intent, to the best it can be. We happen to love writing software, but we love to help people even more.

Interested? Keep an eye on our careers page for upcoming details Check out the job spec here :)