Quest for OSS Contribution

So I must be in my fifth year of saying “I really want to contribute to this OSS project, I have some great ideas but struggling to find the time” – fricken lame!

Yes you guessed it; a rant posting about my own inability to find time doing the things I want to do. These ‘things’ normally fall into the categories of “photography”, “blogging” or “OSS” but on this occasion it’s about getting into the #FubuMVC project – and really contribute; the contributor’s page on the already seems like an unobtainable holy grail.

In my position of Development Manager I’m lucky enough to be able to introduce technologies into our stack that I see fit, this can include OSS, and this could mean mixing work responsibilities with contributing to that project and more so – the .NET community – but I’m still struggling.

My admiration goes out to all of you who achieve this; from Mark Rendle of #SimpleData, Andreas HåkanssonSteven Robbins of #NancyFX, to Jeremy Miller Josh Arnold Sam Merrell Robert Greyling Rex Morgan of #FubuMVC; you deserve a medal… or have a time machine.

My father once proclaimed I could have 72 hours in a day and it wouldn’t be enough, my eyes were too big for my belly, he was right – I need to focus – the time is neigh!

le sigh

Historic Comments

Mark Rendle06-09-2011 22:23
You probably /were/ hugged enough as a child. :)

Steven Robbins07-09-2011
Outsourcing my OSS work to India was the best move I ever made

Andreas Håkansson07-09-2011 08:04
I’m Steven’s contact in India. My name is really Rajej but don’t tell anyone ;)

Sam Merrell09-09-2011 15:19
I always have a tough time making time for open source, but even little bits of work here and there help! That’s how I’ve been getting most things done so far.

PS. Looking forward to seeing some contributions! It’s good to see more people in the FubuMVC community.