Searching Out the Geek

There is said to be a genius in all of us. Well I’m not sure about that, but an overly neurotic technology-loving passionate geek there is in me for sure.

Developing since my teens in everything from VB to TopSpeed C my life’s journey has crossed into many a venturous path, but the love of technology and development has remained constant.

Working as a self-employed consultant and senior solutions architect using a wide variety of technologies I hope to break all odds and actually start documenting some interesting facts, developments, and even solutions in this blog.

I’m currently working on a large enterprise project with some fantastic guys at an Oxfordshire-based company, spending time in my perfect technological playground with technologies such as MVC, NHibernate, Moq and StructureMap, not to mention a yet-to-be-announced peppering of genius from Rob Ashton with whom I have the pleasure of working with.

If you too are a self-confessed geek and enjoy my patterings, your comments are most welcome! :o)

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